Credit Card application made simple

During my recent meetings with customers and partners, most discussions are surrounding how the mobile application can help streamline and simplify business processes. Looking into troubleshooting the automation to upload documents to Sharepoint library, below is a sample I tested myself with a simple workflow action in Nintex workflow – create item, demonstrating a simple application scenario for financial sector. The application enables credit card center’s staffs to capture event crowd’s interest on credit card applications, and auto generate comprehensive Credit Card Application Contracts for the process.

Scenario: Mobile devices such as iPads are being used at the bank’s credit card promotion event, to capture minimal data from individuals who are interested to apply for the credit card with the bank. Instead of having the tedious process of filling up a form that is pages long, and with fields spread around the comprehensive contract terms of the form, Nintex Mobile application is being used to having the potential customer fill up a simple form for the application on iPad, the data captured are then used to auto generate the pre-defined Microsoft Word template for Credit Card Application form.

1. Prepare the work document template as Credit Card Application Contract (i.e. comprehensive form with terms and conditions)

  •               Sample word document template below to be used as a Credit Card Application Contract

CC Form

2. Prepare Content Type to be used by the Credit Card Application document library

  • Goto “Site Settings”, “Site content types” from the “Web Designer Galleries” group
  • Click “Create” to create a new content type
  • “Add from new site column” or “Add from existing site column” to prepare the content type columns for the following columns:
    • Applicant Name
    • Email address
    • Mobile Number
    • Annuial Income

CC content type

  • Upload the “Credit Card Application Contract” word template by clicking the Advance SettingsCC Content Type-Advance

3. Create a “Credit Card Application Contracts” document library with above defined Content Type

  • Add a new App
  • Select Document Library
  • Enter the document library name “Credit Card Application Contracts”
  • Goto the newly created “Credit Card Application Contracts” document library (i.e. screenshot)
  • Select Library from the Ribbon, and click on the “Library Settings”, go to Advance setting to enable the “Allow management of Content types”, and click “ok” to save the settingsCC Application Contracts Library advance settings
  • Click “Add from existing site content types” to add the “Credit Card Application Form”

7 CC Application Contracts Library advance settings

  • Change new button order

8 CC Application Contracts Library advance settings - button order

The above steps prepared the document library to store Credit Card Application Form and contract for a formal credit card application approval and issuance process. A simplify mobile form is to be used on the ground to be able to capture crowd’s interest on application of credit card, which will be used to populate the lenghty contract form for the actual application. To achieve this objective, we are going to create a custom list with Nintex Form published to mobile devices.

4. Create a Credit Card Application list and form, and publish to mobile devices

13 create a new list for data capture


14 create a new list for data capture





5. Nintex workflow to automate the Contract creation to complete the Credit Card Application

16 create a new list for data capture

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